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This trainer is designed to help you practice and refine your wound packing skills, essential for managing injuries effectively.
Ear infections are not only painful for the canine patient, but also lengthy to treat, and they require the active cooperation of the patient's owner for optimal healing.
Healthcare professionals who work with emergency care and traumatology need to be prepared to deal with critical situations to save lives.
"Realistic, simple and durable, were the specifications when developing our moulages for training in the care of chronic wounds" says Patrick Probst, Business Manager at Erler-Zimmer.
"SimEZ is easy to use, flexible and expandable at any time, according to the needs of our customers." Explains Andreas Falk, authorised signatory and COO at Erler-Zimmer. "We have developed three standard systems that probably cover most applications, while being flexibly expandable."
"After a few seconds, I no longer knew that a doll and not a child was lying in front of me." This or similar are the reactions of medical personnel when they have trained with NENAsim from Erler-Zimmer.

A bloody affair

A bloody affair - Our new blood bag
We take you on a journey through one of the most extensive product ranges in the world!
You have spent a lot of money on simulators, but problems arise after just a few months because things are missing, dirty or crooked? It only takes a few rules to maintain your simulators over the long term and protect your investment.
The more realistic the model, the better the medical simulation works. Especially for blood sampling, setting an intravenous injection or an intravenous infusion, realistic training arms are indispensable in nursing training, but also in other medical fields. The injection arm for blood sampling is an excellent product quality "Made in Germany".