Produktinformationen "3D Printed Anatomy - Venous Circulation"
This 3D print presents the same dataset that underlies our Circle of Willis and cranial arterial circulation 3D prints and is derived from careful segmentation of angiographic data. Here, the dural venous sinus network has been segmented based on structures visible from the circulation of contrast medium in the late phase of filling. As a result, while most of the sinuses are present, the lack of contrast in the anterior portions of the venous system means that some structures are not as clear in the model as may be expected – for example the cavernous sinus and inferior petrosal sinus.

The extensive network of dural veins and venous lacunae are visible, which drain towards the midline in the superior sagittal sinus. Deep to this network of sinus veins are the great cerebral vein which drains with the inferior sagittal sinus into the straight sinus which then converges with the superior sagittal at the confluence of sinuses. Several dural veins drain into the left and right transverse sinuses as they pass anteriorly towards the petrous portion of the temporal bone. The sigmoid sinuses can be seen in the posterior cranial fossa prior to exiting the skull at the jugular foramen and forming the internal jugular vein (visible on the inferior surface of the skull).

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