Produktinformationen "Brain Hemisection"
This 3D model is a midsagittal hemisection through a whole brain, preserving the right side anatomy and deep brain structures and spaces visible in the midline. In lateral view, the right cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres are covered in the arachnoid mater. In the midline view, the brain regions from the cerebrum to the medulla oblongata are preserved. Centrally, the third ventricle is opened, with an intact septum pellucidum superiorly positioned and obscuring the lateral ventricles within the cerebral hemisphere. On the inferior margin of the third ventricle both the right mamillary body and right optic tract can be observed, whereas posteriorly the cerebral aqueduct can be observed extending across the midbrain between the tectum and tegmentum towards the fourth ventricle (between the cerebellum and pons). The cerebellum is separated from the occipital lobe by a preserved portion of the tentorium cerebelli, and in cross-section the cerebellar cortex helps form the prominent arbor vitae.
A series of arterial branches have been false coloured to contrast their course across the preserved brain structures. In the midsagittal view the anterior cerebral artery courses from around the corpus callosum to supply the cingulate gyrus and other midline cortical regions. The base of the middle cerebral artery can be seen passing deep between the temporal and frontal lobes, with the posterior communicating artery connecting it to a small remnant of the posterior cerebral artery. Adjacent to the posterior cerebral is the superior cerebellar artery, extending laterally to pass between the temporal lobe and the cerebellum before passing deep into the transverse fissure.

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