Regulations for communication

Information for the electronic communication process with Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co. KG

1. Access points according to this accessibility are e-mail addresses published on the official website or on the commercial documents of Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co. KG.

2. Erler-Zimmer GmbH&Co.KG accepts the following file formats by electronic communication:

•    Portable Data File from version 4.0 (.pdf)
•    Text-files in formats ANSI and ASCII (.txt)
•    Text-files in Word format from version Word 97 (.doc und .docx)
•    Graphics formats: .jpg / .jpeg / .gif / .bmp / .tiff / .ai / .eps / .png

Other formats will be accepted case by case after prior written confirmation by Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co. KG.

3. None of the accepted file formats may contain automated scripts or programming (so called Macros). Additionally the files may not be protected by a password.

4. It is presupposed that the sender agrees that e-mails and faxes are checked for viruses as well as for automated scripts and programming, as well as for Spam classification. E-mails and fax-messages that may contain security risks as well as e-mails and fax-messages classified as spam will be deleted without reading and will not be processed.

5. E-mails containing executable files (e.g. *.exe, *.bat) will be deleted without reading.

6. If an e-mail or fax message is not processible (e.g. e-mails or fax messages identified as Virus- or Spam content or because of technical reasons) there will be no electronic feedback to the sender. It is the obligation of the sender to ask for a proof of receipt for an e-mail in case it is needed.

7. For communication that has to be in writing after current law all kind of electronic communication are not allowed. Exceptions must be agreed in individual cases.

8. Because of technical and organizational reasons not e-mails with qualified electronic signatures are accepted. Exceptions must be agreed in individual cases.