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GYN/AID Gynaecological Simulator
The full size female adult lower body gives students and educators a graphic experience in vaginal speculum examination, bi-manual pelvic examination, IUD insertion techniques, diaphragm sizing and fitting, uterine sounding, and viewing of normal and abnormal cervices.Features- Full size female adult lower body with removable soft outer skin- One normal anteverted uterus with transparent top and round ligaments- Seven uteri with one normal “control” uterus and six with external uterine abnormalities- Two normal cervices for IUD insertion/removal- Uterus and cervix feature patented “screw” design for fast and easy change-out- Contraceptive sponge insertion and removal- Female condom insertion and removal- Diaphragm and cervical cap insertion and removal- Talcum powder- Instruction manual- Soft carrying bag- 6 cervices with cervical abnormalities- Anatomically accurate fimbriae

Advanced Pelvic Examination and Gynecological Simulator
Now in one completely redesigned unit, the Advanced Pelvic Examination and Gynecological Simulator is ideal for all aspects of gynecological education, training, and competency evaluation, including the bimanual exam, speculum exam, and cytology sampling. Students will appreciate the unprecedented realism of its internal and external features; whileinstructors will love the interchangeable components that make up its unique modular system. You choose the scenarios you want to teach! Components can be combined in a multitude of ways. This simulator allows you the flexibility of customizing your scenarios with use of included makeup, blood, and thickener. Additional specialized modules are alsoavailable (STD, post-menopause, S.A.N.E., and pre-puberty). Starter unit includes torso, normal genital pad, normal pelvic organ block with vagina and rectum, abdominal gel pad, fabric abdominal pad, abdominal overlay skin, seven uterus/cervix pieces (normal/normal with discharge option, retroverted/cervicitis, cancer/cancer, transparent IUD trainer, postmenopause/herpes, fibroids/polyp, early pregnancy), five detachable ovaries (normal, polycystic, small cyst, large adnexal mass), bladder insert, pelvic organ prolapse insert, baby powder, Injury Shades Makeup Wheel, Primary Colors Makeup Wheel, blood mix, methyl cellulose thickener, syringe, lubricant, instruction manual, and hard carry case. Completely washable, disassembles for easy cleaning.Weight: 11 kg

Gynaecologic Simulator
Designed by physicians for physicians and health care providers, this gynaecologic examination simulator combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynaecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy. Features: full-size adult female lower torso with relevant internal anatomic landmarks, bi-manual pelvic examination, palpation of normal and pregnant uteri, vaginal examination (including insertion of speculum), visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices, uterine sounding, IUD insertion and removal, contraceptive sponge insertion and removal, female condom insertion and removal, diaphragm and cervical cap insertion and removal, laparoscopic visualization and occlusion of fallopian tubes, minilaparotomy, one anteverted and one retroverted parous uterus, one 10-week pregnant uterus, one postpartum uterus, five normal cervices with patent os, four abnormal cervices, 10 fallopian tubes, realistically sculpted and anatomically accurate ovaries and fimbriae, and uterus and cervix feature patented "screw" design for fast and easy change-out. Simulator comes with talcum powder, K-Y Jelly and carrying bag.Size: 51 x 46 x 25 cm, weight: 8.5 kg

Hysteroscopy Simulator
This simulator features:- Full size female adult lower torso with removable soft outer skin- Seven uteri including normal "control" uterus with healthy internal and external appearance- Internal anatomic artwork of normal and abnormal uteri- Internal representation of endometrial polyposis, fibroids, early and advanced carcinoma of the endometrium, torsion of sloughing fibroid, and carcinoma of the fundus- External representation of normal and abnormal uteri- Palpation of normal and abnormal uteri- Normal cervix and interchangeable uteri with patented "screw" design- Instruction manual (english)Supplied with carrying bag

Gynecological Training Manikin
A lifelike female pelvis for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures, anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation, and speculum instruction. The model allows the comprehensive, stress free introduction of gynecological examinations, or more advanced tactile comparisons of pelvic pathologic conditions in a classroom setting easing the way into clinical experience. Constructed of soft, easily cleaned, vinyl materials that approximate skin texture, the model provides detailed, life-like anatomical features and references.Included are the following interchangeable inserts:- normal cervix for IUD insertion and removal- normal parous cervix- cervix with endocervical polyp- cervix with ectropian characteristics- cervix with neoplasia (carcinoma)- normal uterus for IUD insertion and removal- pregnant 10-week uterus, and two adnexal masses.Does not include ovaries. Comes with transport bag.Size: 33 x 33 x 30 cm, weight: 3 kg

ZOE Gynecological Skills Trainer
The ZOE Simulator is an adult-sized lower torso designed to add hands-on experience for learners practicing gynecologic skills. Realistic anatomy helps educators train clinical skills for easy transition to scenario-based simulations. Optional add-ons model more pathologies for expanding curricula easily with the modular design. Lifelike realism makes the new ZOE the perfect hands-on addition to any gynecologic skills currucula, providing invaluable experience on various gynecologic procedures including speculum examinations, fallopian occlusion, catheterization,uterine sounding, and more.Intrauterine Device PlacementClear uterus provides visual feedback on placement and removal of IUDs.Bimanual ExaminationRealism of uterus and vaginal canal provide valuable examination practice.Urinary CatheterizationRealistic urethra and bladder for catheterization and drainage exercises.Interchangeable CervicesNormal and abnormal pregnant and nonpregnant cervices for visualization.Speculum ExaminationLifelike skin resistance and elasticity create valuable tactile experience.Suppository AdministrationPatent rectum supports administration of suppository.Package contents:- ZOE Gynecologic Torso- Anteverted uterus- Retroverted uterus- Clear IUD uterus- Pregnant uteri: • 6.-8. week • 6.-8. week with short ovarian ligaments • 10.-12. week • 20. week- Normal patent cervices (5 pcs.)- Abnormal cervices (6 pcs.)- Pregnant Cervices • 6.-8. week (3 pcs.) • 10.-12. week (3 pcs.)- Mineral oil- Instruction manualSimulator Size: 60 x 29 x 48 cm

Gynecological Examination Simulator
This model allows practical training in basic gynecological examinations. This is a model best suited for educational purposes for doctors-in-training and medical students not only in gynecology but in general medical practice as well.Features:- Soft, special material used for the external genital and abdominal cover allow the product to provide realistic simulation of bimanual examination (internal and external examination) and rectal examination.- All uteri are movable which allows the product to recreate realistic examination of conditions such as cervical motion tenderness.- Internal reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries have normal and abnormal states, and the examination of their respective disease states (intramuscular hysteromyoma, subserous myoma, ovarian cyst, hydrosalpinx, etc.) can be practiced by changing the uterus. The uterus can be changed easily.- Size of the ovarian cysts and hydrosalpinx can be adjusted by pumping in air to achieve the size and texture that closely resembles a living body.- The product can be used for the practical training of vaginoscopy, probing, and cytology such as collection of intimal smears.- The genital unit can be detached easily for simple care and replacement.Interchangeable uterus:- Normal uterus- Early pregnancy uterus- Hysteromyoma 1 (in tunica muscularis)- Hysteromyoma 2 (under endometrium)- Ovarian cyst 1 (ping-pong ball size)- Ovarian cyst 2 (tennis ball size)- Hydrosalpinx- Air pump

Female genital organs
This replica of the female genital organs in natural size is cut in the median plane and can be folded open for a better understanding. The labia majora and minora, vagina, cervix, neck of the uterus, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are represented, in addition to the bladder, rectum, symphysis, sacrum and coccyx. In addition to the use of contraceptives, such as intrauterine pessaries, diaphragms and vaginal cream/foam, use of the speculum can be practised. Owing to the highly natural characteristics of the material, the model can be used for digital examinations. It is also, of course, eminently suitable as an illustration object for teaching. When opened, the model demonstrates very clearly the location and function of contraceptives. Contraceptive ring not included.Size: 15 x 26 x 26 cm

Complete Set of Specialized Examination Modules for R10940
Includes one of each module for simulator R10940.Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) ModuleIncludes external genital pad and pelvic organ block/vagina and rectum.- Herpes blisters- Venereal warts- Syphilis chancrePost-Menopause ModuleIncludes external genital pad and pelvic organ block/vagina and rectum.- Shrunken labia- Narrow introitus- Eversion of urethral meatus- Anal tags- Small thrombosed hemorrhoid- Pale, smooth vaginal walls- Vaginal lesions- Vaginal adhesions- Vaginal cancerSexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) ModuleIncludes external genital pad only.- Implanted pubic hair for evidence collectionPre-Puberty ModuleIncludes external genital pad only.- Represents 6-10 year-old- Pre-pubertal appearance- Intact hymenTotal weight: 2.5 kg

Set mit sieben Uteri für R10183

Vulva-Casts showing antomical differences
All vulva casts are actual casts of real women. A life-like appearance is the result. The outer female anatomy is represented with its finest details and structures. Detailed and surprisingly authentic these casts show smallest wrinkles, and in some casts even the orifice of urethra and vagina. Carefully colored the differences of inner and outer labia as well as surrounding skin are clearly visible. Because each woman is different, this product represents a unique collection of 19 vulva casts. Perfect for sex education Whoever is interested in female anatomy often finds in books schematic drawings that differ a lot from the real anatomy. This often causes confusion, uncertainty and even causes shame in young women and girls who do not have the „standard“ anatomy as shown in books. Each cast shows in detail that each vulva is something unique and individual. Therefor this collection is a great tool for sexual education. Also boys and men learn a lot about different shapes in female anatomy and what is considered „normal“. Girls and women make a comforting experience that for example the size of labia is just a normal whim of nature. Skin friendly Silicon material The vulva casts are made of high grade medical silicone, non-toxic, authentically soft and hygienic to clean. Because of this they are perfect for use in classrooms and information centers. Especially by comparing different shapes of anatomy this collection creates better confidence dealing with womens own sexuality.Size: each 11 x 8 cm, Weight: each 0.11 kg

Set mit sieben Uteri für R10183

Nachgeburtlicher Uterus für R10183

Nachgeburtlicher Uterus für R10183

Uteri with externally palpable abnormal pathologies for R10188
Interchangeable uteri for recognizing abnormalities with bimanual examination.1. Enlarged uterus2. Small uterus3. Bicornate uterus4. Uterus with anteversion/anteflexion5. Uterus with large ovarian cyst6. Uterus with medium ovarian cyst7. Uterus with moderate retroversion8. Myomatous uterus9. Uterus with salpingitis on left side10. Uturus with saplingitis on right side

Uteri with normal and abnormal internal pathologies for R10188
Interchangeable uteri for recognizing abnormalities by hysteroscopic viewing.1. Uterus with healthy characteristics2. Uterus with advanced carcinoma3. Uterus with fundus carcinoma4. Subseptate uterus5. Myomatous uterus6. Uterus with early carcinoma7. Uterus with polyposis8. Uterus with varied polyps9. Uterus with hyperplasia

Vulva with integrated fistula model
Lifelike material supports realistic practice of suturing fistulous tracts.Modular vulva insert includes three fistulous tracts: vesicovaginal, rectovaginal, and urethrovaginal.

Untersuchungsmodul Geschlechtskrankheiten

Untersuchungsmodul Menopause

Untersuchungsmodul Sexueller Missbrauch

Untersuchungsmodul Präpubertär

Uterine Involution Assessment Simulator
This lower body provides anatomical landmarks such as symphysis, umbilicus, ribs and uterus (4 variations) and allows for training of examination of uterine involution in early puerperium. A soft and elastic abdominal wall provides lifelike haptics and allows to palpate the stage of uterine involution. The exchangeable uterine inserts show a health and an abnormal uterus on the first day as well as a healthy uterus on the third and on the fifth day.


Medical simulators - realistic training experiences for experts

Discover a revolutionary era in medical training with our state-of-the-art medical simulators. Immerse yourself in realistic and risk-free medical simulations that allow trainee doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to practise life-saving skills. The Erler-Zimmer simulators offer an interactive platform that integrates advanced technology such as augmented reality to provide hands-on experiences in a safe learning environment. Invest in your medical education and choose our medical simulators for optimal training. Discover the future of medical training - practical, safe and state-of-the-art. Contact us today to find out more about our simulators and their possible applications. Effective training of healthcare professionals is critical to patient safety and success in the healthcare sector. Our simulators allow aspiring professionals to perfect their skills, build confidence and prepare for real-life situations - all without risk to patients. Prepare for real-life clinical challenges and enhance your skills with our innovative medical simulators - the future of medical education starts with medical simulators from Erler- Zimmer.

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