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Rotational Stomach Phantom
Rotational Stomach Phantom to simulate double contrast gastrography. It includes a rotation system to simulate the movement of the patient as well as a distended stomach with pathologies that has been modelled after real specimen. Barium can be filled into the stomach for imaging.Pathologies include early cancer and gastric ulcer.

Progress in medical technologies through imaging techniques!

Imaging techniques play a crucial role in medical training as they offer students a comprehensive insight into diagnostics and the progress of medical technologies. Erler- Zimmer produces exclusive X-ray phantoms with real human bones for ideal imaging as in real patients. The basics of imaging form the foundation for medical diagnosis. Here, students learn about the various procedures, from tried-and-tested X-ray imaging to state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and innovative technologies such as computer tomography (CT). This diversity gives future doctors a broad perspective on the possibilities of diagnostic imaging. From the detailed representation of bone structures to the visualisation of complex blood vessels using angiography - students gain an insight into the various specialisations that these technologies make possible. Thanks to our production in Germany, we can also offer you customised X-ray, ultrasound and computer tomography. 

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