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Mobile Debriefing System
The Mobile Video Debriefing System allows the instructor to support the trainees efficiently during the simulation and to analyze the scenario after the training. The system allows simple recording of the scenario; with the moveable camera you keep everything under control! Take notes with your supplied Apple pencil directly onto the iPad and use them for the debriefing afterwards. The Debriefing System is a pioneer in mobility and flexibility. Use the Debriefing System in your classroom, in the hospital or outside. Using the Students View you can playback your recordings and address to your notes to improve the learning results of the attendees. The set includes the following components:• Debriefing Software• Apple iPad 12,9"• W-Lan Router• Camera (360°)• Lan Cable (5 meters)• Boundary microphone incl. cable• Bag for all components• Apple Pencil

Ventilation simulator MS2, complete package PRO
Ventilation simulator MS2THE FIRST OF ITS KIND.A ventilation simulator based on the MEDUMAT standard was created in cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology. The MEDUMAT Standard is used in the rescue service, in air rescue or in the medical service of the military.Function overview- Original surface of the MEDUMAT Standard2- Integration in existing ZERO CONTROLLER- ZERO patient monitor simulator interface- easy streaming of the ventilation monitor- Simulation of monitoring, IPPV, CPAP and O2 administrationHardware set- Monitor iPad- iPad holder- LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS- Protective bag for LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS- Ventilation hose including protective bagcomplete set of hardware and 3 year software license
Video Debriefing System, complete system
Full control with the debriefing systemAudio-video systemAssess the situation, give precise instructions, communicate correctly with one another: team communication and medical processes need to be learned. You have to be trained to make the right decisions in real life.Efficient supportIn order to be able to efficiently support teams in real-looking simulations and skill training, we offer the AVpro, a complete debriefing audio-video system (AVS).With this debriefing system it is possible to analyze the training scenario from all angles with up to three cameras. The patient monitor simulator (please inquire about compatible products) can also be integrated into the audio-video system.The trainer can incorporate instructions or comments into the scenario at any time via the stationary microphone. The included marker keyboard makes handling easier for the trainer during the scenario by intuitively identifying special situations.The high-quality AV software makes it possible to switch back and forth between the cameras and to record all camera signals as well as sound for later debriefing.Cameras plus patient monitorThe special recording software enables three cameras plus a patient monitor to be recorded. This makes it possible to easily integrate the patient monitor (please inquire about compatible products) into the AVS in a simulation scenario.Colored markers enable the instructor to mark important situations in the simulation at any time, in order to be able to access the crucial analyzes even faster in the debriefing.In order to make the subsequent debriefing even more attractive for the trainer, the video recording can be controlled easily using an iPad. The instructor can access all three camera settings via a projector and make the debriefing an interactive experience.Complete package including setup charge, online user training and 3 year service & support
Patient-Simulation Monitor, Complete package PRO
Simulation Monitor - StandardThe Simulation Standard package is an excellent all-round solution for your simulation training. It offers you extensive functionalities of a generic patient monitor/defibrillator and ventilator. Through integration with ourController, Assessment Tool and Cloud, we provide you with the full performance you need for the success of your training.This SET includes the Simulation Standard with:CLOUD- browser-based scenario editor- Share created scenarios with other organizations- up to 10 GB cloud storage- Role and rights management- Individualization of settings possible- Access for 2 years includedSoftware (purchase) - ZEROThe Zero patient simulator is a highly flexible software that enables the fast, simple and detailed creation of patient simulations and extended patient assessments.- Generic interface with clinical monitor- Assessment software for collecting additional vital data- Instructor software for intuitive control of the scenario- Training coursesSoftware (purchase) - AEDOur AED offers the possibility to train basic resuscitation measures with the help of an AED. Use as a stand-alone with 4 standard scenarios, or have complete control over the next rhythm using the controller.the next rhythmSoftware (purchase) - VENTThe VENT ventilator simulator is a highly flexible software that enables the quick, easy and detailed creation of ventilation simulation and advanced patient assessment.Generic interface & functions in the latest software version. Instructor software for intuitive control of the scenario.Available with: CPAP ASB / Inhalation / EtCo2 Monitoring / IPPV for neonates, children and adults / PCV / BiLvl ASB / CPRIPPV / Man. CPRHardware set "L" / gray- L-Case including pockets in gray- Adult cable set (4-pole ECG monitoring cable incl. 6-pole ECG diagnostic extension cable, finger SpO2 sensor, NIBP cuff, CO2 sensor, defibrillation electrodes adult, defibrillation connection cable)- Pediatric cable set (NIBP cuff pediatric/neonatal, SpO2 sensor pediatric/neonatal, defibrillation electrodes pediatric)- Apple iPad Pro 12.9"- 2x Apple iPad 10.2"- iPad protective cover (Instructor)- iPad protective cover (assessment)- Stationary WLAN router


Medical simulators - realistic training experiences for experts

Discover a revolutionary era in medical training with our state-of-the-art medical simulators. Immerse yourself in realistic and risk-free medical simulations that allow trainee doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to practise life-saving skills. The Erler-Zimmer simulators offer an interactive platform that integrates advanced technology such as augmented reality to provide hands-on experiences in a safe learning environment. Invest in your medical education and choose our medical simulators for optimal training. Discover the future of medical training - practical, safe and state-of-the-art. Contact us today to find out more about our simulators and their possible applications. Effective training of healthcare professionals is critical to patient safety and success in the healthcare sector. Our simulators allow aspiring professionals to perfect their skills, build confidence and prepare for real-life situations - all without risk to patients. Prepare for real-life clinical challenges and enhance your skills with our innovative medical simulators - the future of medical education starts with medical simulators from Erler- Zimmer.

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