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PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom
The PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom is an optimal tool for study in nuclear medicine. It allows examination of myocardial density through SPECT imaging:- Verification of myocardial imaging with the use of various RI solution densities- Ability to capture defects of the myocardial region- Can reproduce image variations of the heart by injecting RI solutions in the liver, kidney and lungs.It also can be used for examination of RI solution density for simulated tumors- The simulated tumors can be inserted into lung, liver and breast- Tumors can be filled with FDG/RI solution into the spheres for evaluation of density, size and placementSize appr. 44x70cm, 21kg
Brain Phantom IB-20 advanced
This brain phantom of the striatal region with replicated skull densities of an adult male (equivalent HU750) and an elderly female (equivalent HU530) is useful for uptake ratio calibrations and studying the I-123 DaTSCAN scatter correction techniques. The Phantom can be used in SPECT and PET.Size: 21x15x8cm
Brain Phantom Set IB-10
This set consists of 4 parts, a simulated skull unit, a brain unit comprising artificial grey and white matter, ventricular cavities and orbits. The set also incudes a Jaszczak phantom and a sectional phantom. Radioactive solutions may be added to the phantoms components.. It can be used for the following evaluation parameters in SPECT and PET: Homogeneity evaluation, detectivity of grey matter and white matter, cross calibration, spatial resolution of negative images, Gamma ray absorption rate by skull and radioactive concentration and linearity of SPECT value. Size: 21x15x8cm
Thyroid Phantom UN
This phantom includes 5 types of thyroid glands (40, 30, 21, 17, 15cc) for measurement purposes and cervical vertebrae from C3 to C7 for scatteration. Radiopharmaceuticals can be filled into the thyroid glands to be visible by SPECT and PET.

ORINS Thyroid Phantom IST
Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies Type phantom for measurement of thyroid radionuclide uptake. The neck phantom has cavities for iodine-131.

Myocardial Phantom HL
This phantom is designed for the study of high radio accumulation interference in the liver with the myocardial SPECT images. It allows the study of RI liver intake and its effect on the myocardial SPECT. A cold defect can be set in the left cardiac muscle. The background can be set individually in the lung field, mediastinum and right ventricle.
ECT HotCold Phantom SP-6
Volumetric measurement phantom for PET/SPECT. Five sphere containers with different sizes can be filled with RI solution. Volume of sphere phantoms are: 50 mm (100%), 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%. Can be used for SPECT, PET.

SPECT QA Phantom Set
A set of test units for daily QA of SPECT/PET. It consists of:? Outer phantom? Line source phantom? Cold spot phantom? Hot spot phantom? Dose linearity phantom? Geometric distortion phantomThe evaluation parameters are uniformity, dose linearity, spatial resolution and image distortion.
Holder and accessories
Makes the phantom suitable for your specific scanner. Please specify brand and type.


Progress in medical technologies through imaging techniques!

Imaging techniques play a crucial role in medical training as they offer students a comprehensive insight into diagnostics and the progress of medical technologies. Erler- Zimmer produces exclusive X-ray phantoms with real human bones for ideal imaging as in real patients. The basics of imaging form the foundation for medical diagnosis. Here, students learn about the various procedures, from tried-and-tested X-ray imaging to state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and innovative technologies such as computer tomography (CT). This diversity gives future doctors a broad perspective on the possibilities of diagnostic imaging. From the detailed representation of bone structures to the visualisation of complex blood vessels using angiography - students gain an insight into the various specialisations that these technologies make possible. Thanks to our production in Germany, we can also offer you customised X-ray, ultrasound and computer tomography. 

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