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Fetus doll
Simulating an average full-term fetus, made of soft and durable cloth. The body is flexible to show all presentations and positions. Fits into pelvis R10072.

Female pelvis with fetus doll and placenta
Natural cast of a female pelvis with life-size fetus manikin made of fabric (head made of plastic). The head shows palpable anterior and posterior fontanelles. Includes umbilical cord and placenta.This set is excellent for showing the birth process.

Advanced Childbirth Simulator
This versatile childbirth simulator is used worldwide by healthcare educators. It not only provides an excellent simulation of the normal delivery experience for the student and educator, but also provides instruction in abnormal and multiple deliveries.It may be used for demonstration of the following obstetric procedures:- Normal vaginal delivery- Complete, frank, and footling breech birth- C-section delivery- Ritgen’s maneuver- Episiotomy- Vertex presentation- Intrauterine manipulation- Vertex/vertex, vertex/breech, breech/vertex, or breech/breech presentation in multiple birth- Prolapse of umbilical cord- Demonstration of placenta previa: total, partial, and marginal- Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta- Palpation of fetal fontanelles- Simulated suction of nose and mouthFeatures/Scope of Delivery: - Removable diaphragm end plate for manual positioning of fetal baby/babies - Removable stomach cover for positioning fetus - Life-size pelvic cavity with major anatomic landmarks - Hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis - Three soft vulval inserts for episiotomy exercises - One baby boy and one baby girl, each with umbilical cord and placenta - Anatomically accurate backbone and fontanelles on fetal baby/babies - One skin-tone stomach cover - One clear stomach cover - Four extra umbilical cords - Two umbilical clamps - Talcum powder - Instruction manual - Soft carrying bag

Perineal Repair Simulator
This simulator provides the training opportunity for suturing a first-degree perineal tear. The skin is soft and flexible but strong and durable as well. The simulator allows for repeated training of suturing with single interrupted suture as well as vertical mattress suture. The simulator consists of a skin and supporting holder, an optional genital insert allows insertion into the optional birth simulator.

Cervical Dilatation and Effacement Simulators
These simulators have been redesigned to be incredibly soft with a realistic feel and touch to enhance the birthing simulation experience. The newly revised three-dimensional simulators provide lifelike simulation of cervical examination prior to birth. Every effort has been made to provide exceptional realism so that the visual and tactile sensations experienced provide a positive transition to patient procedures. The set consists of six separate 10 x 11 x 12 cm pelvic blocks. The external appearance of all six blocks is identical, with the variations being in the internal structure. The internal texture, tissue density, and correct anatomical size are all carefully represented to provide the most realistic condition possible. The simulators depict six different cervical conditions prior to birth. Each is clearly identified on the back side to indicate which condition exists internally. Students will gain a tactile understanding of no dilatation, 2 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm, 9 cm, and effacement conditions. Includes six simulation blocks (stages one through six), acrylic stand, and a hard carry case.Weight 8.62 kg

Model of Placenta & Umbilical Cord
The amniotic membrane allows you to show the fetal model inside the sac. The snap-on umbilical cord clearly shows the vein and arteries and a convenient drawstring closes the sac. Both amniotic and chorionic membranes are detailed accurately in two colors. Fits to model R10070.

Episiotomy & Perineal Laceration Trainer
This Simulator gives students the opportunity to learn and train the techniques needed to treat the most common birth injuries. The student or teacher can cut the model after his needs to simulate all kinds of episiotomies or all stages of perineal laceration and to repair them. Embedded in the model there are representations of the bulbocavernous muscle, transverse perineal muscle and external anal sphincter, which can be cut and repaired individually. The tough tissue material is held in a plastic stand. The simulator comes with tissue pad in stand, instruments in foldover case, one suture and a soft carrying case.

Maternity Simulator
This Simulation jacket gives the trainee an impressive experience about the difficulties a pregnant woman has to handle. The additional weight (7.2 kg) and the dimensions make even simple things like bending down very difficult. This simulator is designed to make expectant fathers, pupils or students in medical professions. Understand the situation of a pregnant woman.

Cloth Pelvis
Made of flexible cloth, this pelvic model shows how the different pelvic shapes affect pregnancy, labor and birth. Fits to models R10070 and R10071.

Breastfeeding simulation set
The perfect set for experiencing breastfeeding support. Users can feel adequate close fit when wearing the Postpartum Breast Care Model and can take a natural breastfeeding positon. By attaching the strap-on-mask to a Baby manikin, users can simulate a baby‘s appropriate latch. - By using both the Breastfeeding Simulation Set and a Baby manikin together, users can practice a „hands-on“ approach to the support of breastfeeding.- Users can observe and practice caring for the nipples and breasts.- Simulation of engorgement of the breast enables users to observe the engorgement state and practice methods for alleviating engorgement.- Users can learn through experience that a correct latch cannot be achieved when the breast is engorged.Weight: 1.7 kg

Pregnancy examination model with heartbeat simulation
This fantastic model allows practice of examination using the 4 Leopold gestures, external pelvic measurement, auscultation of the foetal heartbeats and breast care. The abdominal wall consists of a special synthetic material, which conveys an entirely natural feel and reproduces the skin and underlying tissue very naturally. By adding or releasing air, the simulated quantity of amniotic fluid can be adapted to the desired conditions. Any modification of foetal position is possible. The simulated heartbeats can be modified in both rate and intensity. By means of exchangeable inserts, it is possible to simulate a smaller or larger birth canal.

Labor Delivery Module for R17840
Labor Delivery Module for R17840

Pelvis for demonstration of birth canal
With this model birth canal and the passage of the fetal head through the female pelvis during labour can be clearly demonstrated. The pelvic skeleton consists of flexible hip bones with movably mounted symphysis, sacrum with flexible coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae. The foetal skull is mounted with a flexible spiral rod on the base and can be moved freely.

Deluxe Childbirth Model Set
With these essential models, you can easily demonstrate the birth process. The 48cm-long Fetal Model represents an average-sized, full-term baby. The body flexes to show all presentations and positions, and the head has palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. The Perineal Cloth Model(13 x 16.5 cm) is perfect to demonstrate the stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the fetal head. The cloth attaches securely to our Flexible Pelvis Model with elastic straps and accommodates the head of the Fetal Model. The Flexible Pelvis Model can be manipulated to demonstrate how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery. The Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model allows the Fetal Model to be shown inside a simulated amniotic sac. The snapon cord clearly reveals the vein and arteries, and a convenient drawstring closes the sac. The amniotic and chorionic membranes are accurately detailed in two colors. The placenta measures 18 x 20 cm.

Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator with PEDI Blue Neonate
Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.Features:- articulating full-body female manikin- intubatable airway with chest rise- IV arm for meds/fluids- removable stomach cover- practice C-section and forceps delivery- practice Leopold maneuvers- multiple fetal heart sounds- automatic birthing system- measure head descent and cervical dilation- multiple placenta locations- replaceable dilating cervices- practice postpartum suturing on three vulval inserts- one articulating birthing baby with placenta and PEDI Blue Neonatal SimulatorComes with PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ technology. The PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator has the unique ability to change colour based upon an initial pre-selected condition and the effectiveness of airway ventilation and chest compression provided. A Code Blue® monitor, containing a small computer, observes ventilations and compressions and determines whether they meet or exceedconventional neonatal CPR standards. If acceptable, the monitor causes the skin to turn to a more healthy color. If ventilations andcompressions are determined to be inadequate or nonexistent, the monitor causes the skin to turn toward an ominous blue color. The newborn is intubatable, umbilical catheterisation can be performed. Weight: 50 kg
Obstetrical Manikin
An anatomically correct pelvic model with full term newborn and placenta to give your trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques, and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth. Disposable umbilical cords with clamps, easily replaced extra vulva, powder to make simulated blood, a modular pregnant belly overlay with permanently installed foetus for training practice of Leopold‘s manoeuvre to determine the foetus‘ lie by palpating ist skull and kneecaps, and a clear abdominal overlay to see positioning are all included. The lifelike pelvic cavity has pronounced pelvic landmarks, located spinal column, angled birth canal, ilium, ischium, sacrum, sacro spinous ligaments, and greater sciatic notch. The foetus provided is of a realistic newborn size with fontanels and cranial sutures. A soft carry bag is included.Size: 53 x 33 x 43 cm, weight: 9 kg

Abdominal Palpation Model Set
A unique, 3-D teaching tool, this model set is perfect for performing Leopold’s maneuvers and for demonstrating palpation of the abdomen to determine fetal lie, presentation, and position. The Abdominal Palpation Model includes a fetus with movable arms and legs, firm buttocks, and a head with palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. The fetal body flexes to allow demonstration of all presentations and positions. The fetus and included vinyl pelvis rest within the abdominal portion of the model. The abdomen, a padded cloth attached by Velcro to the base, makes it easy to visualize and change fetal positions. Comes with a gel pad that provides added cushion over the fetus for a more realistic feel, movable gel packs to simulate amniotic fluid, and a practice guide with detailed suggestions on how to use the model. The Set also includes extra movable gel packs to simulate amniotic fluid and a carrying bag. Size: appr. 48 x 29 x 24 cm

Birthing Mechanism for R17840
Birthing Mechanism for R17840

Advanced Birthing Torso
Versatile, lightweight birthing torso allows you to simulate every stage of the birthing process. Simulator is ideal for practicing Leopold maneuvers. Practice vaginal breech deliveries and free the legs using the Pinard maneuver. Includes torso, birthing baby, and newborn baby.Features:- Audible maternal and newborn heart sounds from 0-220 BPM- Audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor- Bladder catheterization with variable urinary flow — use conventional urinary bladder to reduce bladder size- Clamp placement and umbilical cutting- Delivery of placenta — position placenta to simulate placenta previa- Fetal palpation through transparent or abdominal cover- Insertion of medication through rectum- Use blood concentrate to simulate postpartum bleeding- Uterine massage- Vacuum assisted or forceps deliveries with or without abdominal cover- Vertex or breech deliveriesBirthing torso includes:- Blood collection stand with squeeze bulb to regulate pressure- Directions for use- Distensible cervices (3)- Midwifery gown with snaps- Nonsterile urinary catheter (not for human use)- Non-latex gloves (2 pairs)- Placentas with removable fragments (2)- Postpartum hemorrhage fluid- Silicone lubricant- Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included)- Simulated blood concentrate- Simulated urine concentrate- Stethoscopes — 1 conventional and 1 Pinard- Storage bag- Talcum powder- Suction bulbBirthing baby includes:- Connectors (2)- Placentas with removable fragments (2)- Skull with fontanelles- Soft face skin that fits over head for vacuum or forceps delivery- Umbilical clips (2)- Umbilical cords (4)Newborn baby features:- Head cap to minimize hypothermia- Squeeze bulb for operating umbilical pulse- Umbilical catheterizationWeight: 18 kg

Episiotomy Suture Simulator
Model for upgrading LM101B

Soft tissue insert, 3 pieces for R10910
Soft tissue insert for Episiotomy Laceration Trainer R10910, set of 3.

Super OB Susie
The Super OB Susie childbirth training torso is designed to aid educators teach labor and delivery management skills to learners of all levels. The anatomically accurate pelvis and full-term neonate allows learners to develop clinical skills transferable to scenario-based exercises. The modular design allows the functionality to expand with growing specific training needs.Package content:- OB Susie® Childbirth Training Torso- Pregnant Abdomen- Full Term Neonate- Placenta- (2) Umbilical Cord- (2) Umbilical Stump- (2) Cervices- (2) Birth CanalsFeatures:- Adult-sized lower torso from diaphragm to quadriceps- Smooth skin with seamless joints for enhanced realism- Anatomically accurate pelvic landmarks including ischial spines and coccyx- Removable pregnant abdominal cover- Articulating hip joints aid in performing McRobert’s maneuver- Removable cervix and birth canal- Lifelike placenta with removable cotyledons- Practice catheterization exercises with patent urethra- Urine reservoir holds up to 400 ml- Patent rectum accepts suppositories Birthing Baby- Full-term neonate has palpable landmarks, articulating limbs, and soft full-body skin- Seamless, articulated joints- Nasal and oral cavities- Palpable fontanelle and sutures- Smooth, seamless scalp- Realistically articulating neck and torso- Detachable umbilical cord and cord stumps for additional cutting and clampingProcedures:- Execute cephalic deliveries- Perform Ritgen’s maneuver- Practice breech deliveries (complete, frank, and footling)- Perform Pinard’s maneuver- Simulate shoulder dystocia- Practice emergency interventions including McRobert’s maneuver, suprapubic pressure, posterior arm sweep, and Wood’s Screw- Perform placental and umbilical exercises (placental delivery, partial placenta previa, nuchal cord, cord prolapse, and many others)- Practice Umbilical cord procedures like clamping and cutting- Demonstrate internal rotation, expulsion, and external rotationBirthing Baby- Perform operative deliveries with real instruments like vacuum suction delivery and forceps assisted delivery- Simulate nasal and oral suctioningRealistic Palpable AnatomyPalpable pelvic landmarks and dilating cervix for vaginal exam.Forcep Assisted DeliveryPractice force indication, application, and traction techniques.Realistic Fetal PresentationIllustrate cardinal movements, descent, rotation and expulsion.Smooth, Supple Neonate SkinPerform vacuum cup application, suctioning, and traction.Removable AbdomenVisualize and understand the internal view of fetal movements.Realistic Umbilical CordPractice realistic clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord.Breech DeliveriesPractice emergency Breech maneuvers: Pinard‘s, Mauriceau, Ritgen‘s, Lovset.Placental DeliveryPlacenta with removable cotyledons to practice managing retained fragments.Placental and Umbilical ComplicationsPartial placenta previa, nuchal cord, true knots, cord prolapse and more.

Birthing manikin „Hana“, basic platform manikin
This full body manikin forms the basis for a comprehensive simulation model in midwifery. The manikin as a basic platform offers general functions like airway management, oxygen administration, gastric tube, IV access in both elbows, and on the back of the hand. Placing a urethral catheter can be explained, IM and subcutaneous injections are possible. The manikin has a female breast for palpation as well as a puncture site for simulation of an epidural catheter. The manikin works as a platform and can be combined with different modules.Available extension modules:- Perinatal examination- Ultrasound examination- Cervical examination- Birth module- Perineal tear- Puerperal assessment

Module for Hana - Perinatal examination
Palpation (e.g. using Leopold‘s maneuvers, cephalopelvic disproportion assessment), repositionable fetus, auscultation of fetal sounds, with adjustable heart rates from 60 to 180, measurable abdomen girth, fundal height and external pelvimetry.

Module for Hana - Ultrasound examination
Screening of 23 weeks fetus, fetal size assessment using BPD, AC, FL, and so on, measurement of amniotic fluid volume, determination of fetus presentation

Module for Hana - Perineal tear module
Perineorrhaphy: -single interrupted suture -vertical mattress suture, repetitive suture practice for first degree perineal tear

Soft tissue insert for R10910
Soft tissue insert for Episiotomy Laceration Trainer R10910

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Provide realistic simulation for vaginal examinations, labor progress, assessment of dilation, palpation of fetal fontanels and suture lines, and assessment of the position of the vertex. Versatile model set includes fetal head, lower uterine segment, fetal buttocks for breech presentation, and four interchangeable cervical dilation models. The fetal head and cervical dilation models have been updated for a more lifelike feel and greater durability. Components fit in a durable plastic case that facilitates visualization and cleaning. This model set includes a fetal head, lower uterine segment, fetal buttocks for breech presentation, four interchangeable cervical dilation models (1, 3, 4, and 8 cm), and durable plastic case.Training options:- Performance of vaginal examinations- Assessment of labor progress and dilation- Palpation of fetal fontanels and suture lines- Assessment of the position of the fetal headComes with lubricant, teaching suggestions, and carrying case.Size: 14 x 13 x 22 cm

Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator
Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.Simulator features include:- full-size articulating female manikin- intubatable airway with chest rise- IV arm for meds/fluids- removable stomach cover- practice Leopold maneuvers- multiple foetal heart sounds- automatic birthing system- measure head descent and cervical dilation- multiple placenta locations- replaceable dilating cervices- one articulating birthing baby with placenta- one resuscitation baby with intubatable airway and umbilical catheter siteWeight: 48 kg

Noelle Maternal Birthing Simulator
Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.Simulator features include:- full-size articulating female manikin- intubatable airway with chest rise- IV arm for meds/fluids- removable stomach cover- practice Leopold maneuvers- multiple foetal heart sounds- automatic birthing system- measure head descent and cervical dilation- multiple placenta locations- replaceable dilating cervices- one articulating birthing baby with placentaBirthing Simulator like R17810, but without the additional resuscitation baby.Weight: 46 kg

Articulating Newborn for Leopold Maneuvers for R17840
Articulating Newborn for Leopold Maneuvers for R17840

Fetal baby, Umbilical Cord, and Placenta for Vacuum Delivery for R17840
Fetal baby, Umbilical Cord, and Placenta for Vacuum Delivery Smooth, soft skull with fontanelles for realistic vacuum delivery for R17840

Postpartum hemorrhage management package for R17860
The PPH Management Package enables the training of postpartum care and emergency management skills.Features:- Realistic post-delivery perineum- Uterine hemorrhaging using built-in reservoir in training torso- Uterine tamponade placement- Adjustable uterine tone- Urinary bladder catheterization- Suppository administrationPackage Contents:- PPH Perineum- Boggy Uterus- PH Cervix- Blood Concentrate

Postpartum episiotomy suture trainer for R17860
The episiotomy repair trainers simulate human tissue and support the use of real sutures and instruments.Features:- Realistic soft skin- Supports real sutures- Durable self-healing skinPackage Contents:- Mediolateral left episiotomy perineum- Midline episiotomy perineum

Breast care and massage model
This replica of the breast of a puerperent corresponds to the natural conditions in terms of firmness, elasticity and mobility. The model is intended for practicing of breast care, breast massage and explanation of breast-feeding (smoothing of the breast, manipulation of milk pumps, correct application on the breast, etc.). Via the use of various special synthetic materials, this model is extremely realistic in appearance and feel. Also suitable for demonstration of lactation aids and appliances (e.g. milk pumps).Size: 29 x 44 x 14 cm, weight: 2.2 kg

Postnatal examination and care model
This true to life replica of a female lower abdomen allows digital examination of the regressing uterus following birth. Special synthetic material conveys a highly natural feel. Exchangeable uterus models allow differentiation of normal and abnormal regression, in addition to regression during the first week (first, third and fifth day). In addition to these examination possibilities, the model is eminently suited to practice of postnatal care. The vulva is washable and the labia and anus can be examined.

External Cephalic Version Model
This model represents a pregnant woman in the 36th week of pregnancy. ECV technique can be practiced with this model. The amniotic sac can be filled with glycerine to simulate amniotic fluid. Different conditions can be simulated by the amount of glycerine inserted. The Model is made of soft, Skin like silicone to provide realistic feel and touch. The foetus head, hands and legs are harder than the other structures, the spine is structured, this allows palpation of the foetus position from outside.Size: 32 x 52 x 25 cm, weight: 8.6 kg

Obstetric Examination Simulator
This simulator represents a pregnant woman in the 39th to 40th week of pregnancy and allows the training of the fundamental examination skills for prenatal check-up. Additionally to palpation and abdominal measurement it allows auscultation of foetal heart sounds. Features:- The soft and elastic skin provides a life-like sensation of palpation- The pelvis and fetus are anatomically correct Examination techniques:- Palpation - Leopold – maneuvers - Seitz – method - Auscultation - Natural sounds, recorded with doppler stethoscope - Umbillical blood flow - Umbillical blood flow and fetal heart sounds (posterior and anterior) - Fetal heart sounds - Natural sounds, recorded with conventional stethoscope - A remote control allows the selection of heart sounds as well as adjustment of volume and heart rate. - The heart sounds can be played on a speaker if desired.- Measurement - Abdominal girth - Fundal height - External PelvimetrySize: 30x60x30cm, Weight: 11,2kg

Obstetric Training Simulator, Complete Set
This obstetric simulator provides the opportunity to train the whole birth procedure. A birth stages module for palpation of the cervix, a delivery module for learning manual assistance during birth and a perineal repair module make the complete set a perfect choice.Features:- This model has an innovative new vulva material which excels in elasticity, durability and resilience.- Module for cervix examination - Birth module including 5 stages of cervical dilatation - Anatomical landmarks (Iliac spine, pubic symphysis) - Anterior fontanel to determine the fetal position - Possibility for speculum examination - Possibility to perform a Pap smear test - Insertion of a bladder catheter can be practiced- Module for delivery assistance - Anatomically correct vaginal canal, iliac spine, pubic symphysis and coccyx - Different birth positions can be simulated - Perineal protection can be practiced - Forceps and vaccum delivery are possible - Clamping, tying and cutting of umbilical cord are possible - Delivery of placenta is possible - Insertion of bladder catheter is possible - Module for perineal repair - Repeated training of first degree perineal tear repair - Training of single interupted and vertical mattress suture

Module for Hana - Cervical examination
5 types of cervical dilation models, determination of bishop score (cervix score), check fetal head position

Module for Hana - Birthing module
With this module the manikin can be used in various positions: Supine, lateral, all-fours.Features:perineal protection, cephalic and breech presentations, obstetric forceps delivery and vacuum extraction delivery, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord, delivery of the placenta, inspection of the amniotic sac, insertion of urinary catheter

Module for Hana - Puerperal assessment
Assessment uterine involution in early puerperium: 4 types of variations, measurement and palpation of uterine fundus, perineal cleaning and assessment, postpartum massage, assessment of anal prolapse

Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom
The phantom provides high quality training for routine second trimester screening. This phantom contains a 23 week fetus with full anatomy placed in the uterus that can be scanned with 2D and 3D transducers. The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set in four different positions to enrich the training variation. Included life-size fetus model facilitates demonstration and three dimensional understanding.
„Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator, Advanced
Additional to the Functions and Features of the Complete „Lucy“ manikin the Advanced „Lucy“ is supplied with an IV training arm, a Blood pressure training arm and a Micro-preemie Newborn Simulator ( BA95). Includes all features and functions of „Lucy“ Basic.Includes all features of package Complete:- Large soft rolling carry case- Complete Set of Clots and Hemorrhages, 5 - 1 each of small blood clot, medium blood clot, large blood clot, perineal hemorrhage, and hemorrhage blood pool- Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator ( BA96)Additional features of package Advanced:- Blood Pressure Arm- IV Arm- Micro-Preemie Simulator ( BA95)
Noelle Birthing Torso
An economical simulator for those programs dedicated to practicing all facets of childbirth. This full-size upper and lower female torso comes with removable stomach cover and one articulating birthing baby with umbilical cord and placenta. The automatic birthing system rotates baby as it moves through the birth canal. Allows you to listen to foetal heart sounds, measure head descent, and cervical dilation. Features multiple placenta positions. Replaceable dilating cervices, practice on postpartum suturing on vulval inserts, and practice of Leopold Maneuvers. The torso comes with:- two umbilical cords- two dilating cervices- two umbilical clamps- two vulval inserts- one Omni™ controller- three vulva for postpartum suturing- talcum powder and silicone lubricant- instruction manual- soft nylon carrying bagWeight: 23 kg

Palpation Module for Leopold Maneuvers for R17840
Palpation Module for Leopold Maneuvers for R17840

Postpartum Suturing Trainer for R17840
Postpartum Suturing Trainer for R17840

Birth Stages Examination Module
Model for upgrading LM101B. For determining a Bishop Score. This module contains three different stages of the cervix as well as a foetal head. The foetal head can be placed in various positions. The cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. Also useable as a stand-alone model with the optionally availablelower torso. The model is made of a new type of highly flexible and durable material.

Uterus dilation model set (4 types)
This module contains three different stages of the cervix as well as a foetal head. The foetal head can be placed in various positions. The cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. Model for upgrading LM101B.

Multipara-Vulva for LM101B
Multipara-Vulva for LM101B, LM101J or LM101HV for demonstration of birth at a multipara women.

Episiotomy Simulator
This representation of a female vulva with clitoris, labia, urethral opening, vaginal opening, anus, perineum and muscles is made of reinforced material and allows you to practise suturing birth injuries realistically over and over again. The muscles of the perineum and anus can be sutured separately from the skin. The skin pads are available as consumables and a replacement pad is already included in the scope of delivery. The included base is adjustable in inclination and allows the vulva to be brought into a natural position. Size 20x14cm, weight 0.7kg

Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90

€101.15* €380.80* (73.44% saved)
Birthing Simulator with positioning Option
Obstetric model for normal birth, birth in lateral position and quadrupedal position.This set allows you to practise a range of obstetric techniques such as perineal protection and the assessment of the newborn and placenta.Features:? Obstetric model for normal birth, birth in lateral position and quadrupedal position.? The legs (detachable) make it possible to recreate an almost clinical setting.? The fetus model can recreate the extension of the neck. This allowspractice techniques during suction cup or forceps delivery.? The umbilical cord of the placenta can be used with Kocher clampand umbilical cord clamp can be used.? An umbilical cord wrap can be simulated.Training of: perineal protection, obstetric care, cutting of thethe umbilical cord, birth of the placenta

Obstetric Practice Doll
This modular practice doll is the universal tool for Midwifery education. It was developed in cooperation with midwifery schools and provides training for all important skills. Exchangeable modules allow practice of Leopold-gestures, breast care, vaginal examination of birth process, different birth positions, birth simulation, Episiotomy and postpuerperal examination. The model includes a heartbeat-simulation. Special material makes the doll feel like a real human and reacts realistically during training. While developing the model special attention was drawn to details that are importantfor practical training. The vulva for example is not just an opening, it stretches like a real vulva during birth. As a full body manikin this model has the advantage against other simulators that it can be used in a complete theatre, for example the birth procedure can be practiced in a real birth position.The supplied modules are:Pregnancy moduleThis module contains an amniotic sac with foetus (36th to 40th week of pregnancy), a heartbeat simulation and an abdominal wall with breasts. This module is suitable for practicing Leopold‘s gestures, palpitation, and heartbeat monitoring (volume and rhythm can be modified by the teacher).The amniotic sac can be inserted in different ways to simulate different positions of the foetus within the womb. Additionally, the model can be used to teach breast care and breast feeding. This module was redesigned and is now made of a new material which is even more realistic in touch and feel.Stages-of-Birth ModuleThe stages-of-birth module can be used to keep the Bishop Score. Three different stages of the cervix and a foetal head can be inserted. The foetal head can be placed in various positions; the cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. All inserts can be rotated and modified. This module wasredesigned and is now made of special soft and flexible material which makes it even more realistic and natural in touch and feel.Obstetrics ModuleThis module can be used to practice birthing in all common birthing positions. It can be used for setting up a full training theatre. The highly flexible vulva made of new extremely dilatable material responds very realistically, providing an ideal opportunity to practice protecting the perineum. The foetus doll is made of soft plastic, weights 2.3 kg, and is 42 cm long. The circumference of the head is 30 cm. The doll can be used to practice the initial examination and aspiration. The highly realistic umbilical cord and placenta complete the model. The umbilical cord can be cut and the cut area can be prelaced. Birth can be demonstrated in breech position realistically.Episiotomy ModuleReplaceable episiotomy inserts make it possible to teach and practice episiotomy sutures. The individual inserts can be reused repeatedly, provided the sutures are removed with due care. Postpartum Module Four different uterus inserts permit postpartum palpitation and measurements. The module contains three normal uterus inserts (first, third, and fifth day) as well as an abnormal uterus (first day). The abdominal wall included has breasts for practicing breast care.
Matching lower torso for simulation modules
Matching lower torso for simulation modules LM101F and LM635.

Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin
The manikin used in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training programs. An anatomically correct pelvic model with both premature and full term foetuses to give trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth. The soft vinyl pelvis replicates the resistance encountered in a delivery requiring forceps or vacuum intervention. Comes with removable abdominal overlay, powder to make simulated blood, extra vulva, and soft carry bag. Forceps and vacuum extractor not included. Size: 53 x 33 x 43 cm, weight: 7 kg

Basic „Lucy” Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator
„Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator is a simulation system designed to present the complex needs of a growing demographic with unique health and physical challenges. Creating a new level of physical realism will allow a near-human connection and enhance the immersion in training. Designed to provide a comprehensive and economical birthing experience from prenatal to postnatal delivery scenarios. This anatomically accurate birthing simulator allows students to experience realistic normal and abnormal deliveries. The quality and simple design make Lucy easy to use and care for while teaching patient techniques for all levels of educator training.Product Features:General- Lightweight, full-body female - 167 cm long, 16 kg weight- Simple to transport in pre-hospital scenario training- Superior range of motion with fully articulated joints- Bony landmarks including ischial spines- Change appearance quickly with multiple hair and eye color combinationsFunctions- Airway management - intubation and ventilation with chest rise- Amniotic sac- Articulating arms and legs- Articulating baby - 45 cm long, 1 kg weight- Birthing positions - hands and knees, lateral, supine- Breech deliveries - complete, incomplete, Footling, and Frank- Cervical dilation - 6 stages- Cesarean section delivery- CPR- Deliveries - vaginal, cesarean, forceps-assisted, and vacuum-assisted- Episiotomy repair- External version- Fetal palpation - abdominal and Leopold’s maneuvers- Fetal suction- Fundal massage- Intramuscular injection sites (maternal only), right deltoid, left deltoid, right thigh- Manual birthing maneuver - instructor/student-controlled fetal descent- Membrane rupture- Oral and nasal care - lavage, gavage, suctioning- Patient positioning and transfer techniques- Placenta previa- Postpartum care- Postpartum hemorrhage- Scale electrode placement- Shoulder dystocia maneuvers - McRobert’s, Suprapubic Pressure, Rubin’s I and II, Wood’s Screw, Reverse Wood’s Screw, Posterior Arm, Gaskin- Umbilical cord clamping and cutting- Umbilical cord prolapseIncludes- Abdominal pad- Abdominal skin, 2 pcs. (1 normal and 1 cesarean)- Amniotic sac, 50 pcs.- Articulating baby- Cervices, 6 pcs. (stages 1-6)- Chest skin- CPR chest- Eyes, 3 sets (brown, blue, and green)- Fundus- Hospital gown- Inflation tubing with squeeze bulb- Lubricating jelly- Lung bag- Pelvic block- Perineal skin, 3 pcs. (prenatal, birthing, and episiotomy)- Perineal skin stabilizer pad- Placenta- Positioning bag- Umbilical clamp- Umbilical cords, 4 pcs. (1 long and 3 short)- Wigs, 3 pcs. (black, blond, and brown)

Complete „Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator
Additional to the functions and features of the „Lucy“ Basic manikin the „Lucy“ Complete is supplied with a complete set of blot clots and hemorrhages as well as the Newborn Nursing Skills and ASL Simulator.Includes all features and functions of „Lucy“ Basic.Additional features of package Complete:- Large soft rolling carry case- Complete Set of Clots and Hemorrhages, 5 pcs. (1 each of small blood clot, medium blood clot, large blood clot, perineal hemorrhage, and hemorrhage blood pool)- Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator ( BA96)
Cervical Examination Simulator
This training model provides everything you need to perfectly train the manual examination of the cervix. The genital area is made of new and innovative material that excels in elasticity, durability and resilience. Features:- 5 exchangeable cervix inserts in different stages- The position of the head is adjustable from -3 to +6- The head has a frontal fontanel- Anatomical landmarks such as iliac spine and symphysis- The insertion of a bladder catheter can be practiced- A pap smear test can be practiced

Delivery Assistance Simulator
This birth simulator provides training of the essential manual skills during birth. It covers all steps from perineal protection to the delivery of the placenta.Features- Anatomically correct vaginal canal, iliac spine, pubic symphysis and coccyx- Different birth positions can be simulated- Perineal protection can be practiced- Forceps and vaccum delivery are possible- Clamping, tying and cutting of umbilical cord are possible- Delivery of placenta is possible- The examination of placenta and amniotic sac ban be practiced- Insertion of bladder catheter is possible

Uterine Involution Assessment Simulator
This lower body provides anatomical landmarks such as symphysis, umbilicus, ribs and uterus (4 variations) and allows for training of examination of uterine involution in early puerperium. A soft and elastic abdominal wall provides lifelike haptics and allows to palpate the stage of uterine involution. The exchangeable uterine inserts show a health and an abnormal uterus on the first day as well as a healthy uterus on the third and on the fifth day.


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